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Brand and identity inform everything you do

There’s a bit of a debate going on at the moment as to what ‘brand’ means. 

In the old days, it was easy.  It was the Disney palace, the McDonald’s M, the Sainsbury’s orange bag.  It was how your customers recognised you.

But in today’s ever-more competitive market, brand has to mean so much more than that.  It is your your message to the world.  It projects your values, your product promises, your client commitments and your personal and professional ambitions.  It shapes how prospective customers, suppliers and partners view you.  It underpins your organisation.

Branding isn’t something you do as an afterthought.  It is the first thing to get right.  And when you understand your brand – your corporate ethos, your place in the market, your personal and business goals, your social motivations, the experience you want customers to have when they engage with you  – you are ready to define the rest of your organisation.

A compelling identity epitomises your brand: a logo that is easily identifiable, instantly recognisable and commandingly memorable.  But the thought process that needs to go into it is much more than creating a slick design.

So when you engage a design team to work with you on your brand, make sure they are going to spend time understanding your imperatives and ambitions to create a brand and identity that encapsulate the essence of your organisation to all your disparate markets and audiences.  It is only with that kind of investment that you will create the perfect platform from which to succeed.

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