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If you’re one of those who thinks public relations is just for those who are already in the public eye, think again. 

It’s essential for any organisation wanting to move to the next level.  Effective media and public relations help you reach new audiences, delivering a more three-dimensional image of your organisation than marketing alone.

Media and public relations are bespoke skills.  You need to know what journalists are looking for, how to pitch it and when to submit it.  You need to understand their lead times and deadlines.  You need to appreciate the requirements of the different media and provide the right material to help the journalists tell your story.  You need to have contacts.  And you need to have a very thick skin!

But public relations is much wider than media relations.  It’s about building relationships within your local community, your target markets and your key influencers.  It’s about thinking imaginatively of other avenues through which to increase your recognition and standing.  It’s about nurturing through the longer-term.

Neither media or public relations are likely to garner instant returns.  So you need experts with staying power who can work with you to develop a sustained proactive and reactive campaign to make sure your message gets through.

Fortunately you’ve come to the right place!